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Friday, April 8, 2016

Great Dune(Albany Pine Bush)

Got out for an easy walk this afternoon at Great Dune, part of the Albany Pine Bush, located at the end of Willow Street in Guilderland.  Early spring in the northeast can be very frustrating, with frequent bouts of cold weather reminding us that winter is not ready to give up easy.  Cloudy, cool conditions persisted on this day, with temps hovering around 40 degrees with off and on snow showers.
I started out past the kiosk on the red trail,and turned right at the start of the red loop.  Then took my first right onto the blue trail after that.
The blue trail winds through a large area of tree thinning.
 Hints of green grass along the trail.
 I soon turned right again off the blue trail onto the yellow trail, which passes a wide open area.
 Looking back across the open fields towards the backyards along Willow Street.
 The yellow trail follows a wide road for about a half mile.
 Along the short section of white trail, which connects back to the blue trail.
 Back on the blue trail, as the clouds began spitting out snow pellets again, bringing back a wintry feeling.  The trail meets back up with the red loop soon after, where I turned right(east) onto the red trail again.
Passing beneath power lines on the red trail.
 Just after the power lines, I came across a small, vernal pond.
 Crossing a footbridge over the Kaikout Kill.
 The Kaikout Kill and its tributaries meander through these woods.
 The landscape is much more alive in green near the creek.
 Looking down at the winding Kaikout Kill's path through the woods.
 Although it feels as if you are far away from civilization, the sounds of rushing traffic on New Karner Road can be heard through the woods as the red trail continues its loop.  Here is the north part of the loop, which passes close by residential Pinehurst Blvd.
Completed the red loop trail all the way back to the car for an easy 3.45 miles total on a blustery spring afternoon.

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