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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rensselear Plateau Community Forest(Rensselaer County)

Visited the new(2015) 350 acre Rensselear Plateau Community Forest, located off Legenbauer Road in East Poestenkill with my father this afternoon.  Parking is available along the shoulder of the road.
 We began by following the yellow marked "Moose" trail, which soon crosses a newly built foot bridge over a small stream.
 The yellow marked trail soon meets up with a red marked "Sugar House Trail", which leaves to the left.  We took this for about 1 mile, winding through a mixed forest with mostly soft trail underfoot.  Here, we passed by a rocky hill near a bend in the trail and were lucky enough to see a new bike trail being constructed through the woods.
 Conditions were nearly picture perfect on a cool, but clear late April day.
 These woods are very quiet and peaceful, giving the impression that you are a million miles away from civilization.
 The red trail eventually meets back up with the yellow trail, where we hung a left and continued east, soon arriving at a creek crossing. 
 This small creek is easily passed by rock hopping or simply walking around.
 Continuing along the Moose trail under gorgeous blue skies.
 We saw many stone walls lining these woods.
 Following Sugar Rock Road.
 An old beaver meadow near the end of the marked trail.
 We returned along the yellow trail for about .7 of a mile back to the car.  These woods are made up of a network of old woods roads, serving as reminders of the past.  Here, we crossed a spring fed damp section of trail.
Walked about 2 and a half miles on a beautiful spring afternoon.


  1. They look exactly like my photos ... minus one beagle

    1. Yes, I really liked this for a quiet walk. Very peaceful and close to home