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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stone Quarry

My dad and I took a nice hike this afternoon at an old stone quarry and former campground in rural Rensselaer County.  The area is not open to the public, so I decided to keep all descriptions of the area as basic as possible to keep it anonymous. The area is filled with trails and woods roads, as well as several small ponds.  We drove uphill on a rough road until it got too muddy.  We parked there and began to walk.
Just uphill from the truck we came to a nice pond, which used to be stocked when this was a campground.
We passed by several old buildings, which have now turned into crumbled piles of rotting wood.
We followed several woods roads which soon lead to the high banks of the stone quarry.
Stone quarry.
Looking for a way up the steep quarry.
We think we found a way.
Once atop the stone quarry, the views are marvelous.
Views south all the way to the Catskills.
Very steep drop off above the quarry.
Nearby homes can be seen across the still barren landscape.
Old stone walls line the woods.
We followed the edge of a steep ledge, which drops directly down to the creek.
We descended the steep ledge down to a stream running into the creek.
A small, spring fed stream that flows into the creek.
Looking across a wide open field towards the highway.
Buds along the shore of a tiny pond.
An old bench is all that remains from a crumbling mess where an old pavilion used to stand.
Passing through a large meadow under beautiful blue skies.  This area used to be a large, mowed field near the pavilion, but nature has now reclaimed it.
Hiked a little over 3 miles total on various old roads, trails and partial bushwhacks.

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