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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Huyck Preserve-North Trails(Rensselaerville)

The Huyck Preserve located in the town of Rensselaerville is a popular preserve, with Rensselaerville Falls and Lake Myotosis as the centerpiece. I have hiked these trails several times in the past, always hitting the well known southern access points, being sure to take in the falls and lake views.  Few people realize, however, that there are over 2000 acres and 12 miles of trails at the preserve, with many of that residing in a remote northern section.  My plan today was to visit the secluded northern trails, which see far fewer visitors than its southern sections.  I parked in an unmarked pull off on the shoulder of Wood Road, a rough gravel road just south of Peasley Road where a kiosk sits back a few yards into the woods.  Almost directly across the road from the trailhead is a large dammed up area of Ten Mile Creek, which sits in the Partridge Run Wildlife Management Area.
 Just past the kiosk(trail maps are available), the Partridge Path- Loop Three begins.  You have the option to go either way, and I chose to turn left(north). The trails are very well marked and in remarkably good condition.  Elevation at the trailhead is roughly 1800 feet.
 This high elevation forest is laced with stone walls, which criss-cross the prserve.
 Passing through a pine plantation.
 At one point, Loop Three crosses under power lines, which affords some views to the nearby hillsides.
Loop Three comes to a connecting trail at a footbridge over Ten Mile Creek.
 All trail junctions are well marked at the preserve.  The connecting trail between Loop Three and Loop Two to the east is .25 miles.  Loop Two climbs up and over a knoll on its way to Loop One, which sits to the southeast.
 Just off trail a short distance is an old barrel of some kind.
 Loop One eventually drops down towards a beaver pond, which can be seen through the trees.  A very short bushwhack brings you to pleasant view.
 A serene scene.
 After leaving the beaver pond, Loop One skirts a beautiful, large meadow on the east side of the preserve.
 Views to the nearby hills across the meadow.
 A large,elderly white pine.
 Passing through a fern glade deep in the woods.
I eventually followed Loop One back to Loop Two, and then Loop Two back to Loop Three, following the southern legs of each.  Loop Three closely follows Ten Mile Creek, with its many picturesque cascades and pools.

 Got back to the trailhead again as evening set in.
Mileage for the trails are as follows:
Partridge Path Loop Three is 2.7 miles.  Partridge Path Loop Two is 1.2 miles, and Partridge Path Loop Oone is 1.5 miles.
Just uphill past the car on Wood Road is a gorgeous old cemetery, lined with stone walls.  I took a few moments to soak in the stark beauty of the scene.
Hiked 5.7 miles RT through a beautiful high elevation forest in rural western Albany County. 

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