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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hand Hollow Conservation Area(New Lebanon)

After a day full of on again off again rain, the sun finally grabbed a stranglehold by late evening, leaving me with a very pleasant evening stroll at the Columbia Land Conservancy's Hand Hollow Conservation Area.  I parked along Gale Hill Road and took the blue marked trail directly down to Meizenger Lake, where the calm water and striking reflections made for a serene setting.
 Sometimes nature takes your breath away.
 I continued on to another clearing on the lake shore, with more fantastic reflections.
 I continued around the lake on the green marked trail, where I was soon bathed in full sunlight.
 The lake views from the far southeast side of the lake were just as enjoyable, as the sunlight streamed down onto the calm waters.  Fog and moisture can be seen rising off the lake, adding a nice twist.
 Turned around by the dam, heading back the way I came.  Startled this deer along the way, but they cooperated long enough for me to get a picture.
A nice, quick stretch your legs walk, located only a few minutes from my house.  Round trip just over one mile.

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