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Monday, March 24, 2014

Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail

After work today, I drove up the Northway to Saratoga Springs to hike the Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail.  I've been fighting a head cold the last couple of days so I wanted to take it easy and have a nice, leisurely hike.  At 4 miles RT and completely flat the entire way this would fit the bill.
The trail, as mentioned, is flat and very, very straight. Following the old Saratoga Lake Railroad bed, it continues through wetlands and woods for 2 miles.
Wetlands surround the first half of the trail.
Even on a very cold early spring day, wildlife was abundant along the water.  A blue heron kept taking flight from the marsh as I neared.  I captured him here circling over some open water.
There were geese and ducks along the trail that scattered upon my arrival as well.
A large pond like marsh opens up near Bog Meadow Brook.
From the footbridge over the brook is one of the very best spots to observe waterfowl and maybe even a beaver.
Bog Meadow Brook flowing south.
Where seasons meet.  Open water and sheets of ice collide.
Just after the brook, the large marshy pond is completely frozen over.  The beautiful blue skies made for a lovely backdrop.
The trail is very easy walking, with just a couple inches of mostly hard(some slushy) snow.  The second half of the trail basically runs through the woods with a couple of smaller streams that run alongside.
Pine needles frozen in time.
Near the end of the 2 miles, a boardwalk area leads to a viewing platform.  Unfortunately, there was little to see because of the still frozen waters and more snow here.
The bare winter trees will soon be budding,
The viewing platform makes for a pleasant spot to stop and rest and absorb the nature around you.
On my return to the car, the wind was just a bit colder but it was still pleasant walking.  I spotted these two geese floating together in the water and was lucky enough to capture this shot.
A nice 4 mile down and back hike on yet another well below average spring day.  The sun seemed to offset the cold a little though and a woman walking her dog even exclaimed how nice of a day it was as I passed her on the trail. Can't wait to get over this head cold and on to my next adventure.

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