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Friday, March 14, 2014

Little Pond(Green Mountain National Forest)

Wanted to get out snowshoeing today so drove north to Woodford, Vermont where there is almost always dependable snow due to its high elevation.  Elevation at the trailhead is 2397 feet, so deep snow always lingers long into the spring here.  Began my hike to Little Pond in the Green Mountain National Forest from the large parking area located off of Route 9.
The trail is not only a foot trail, but is also a shared trail with snowmobiles, meaning the trail was mostly level with compacted snow.
There is a research station a little less than a half mile along the trail and this sign near its entrance made me laugh.
A clearing near power lines provides great views to the east, with Haystack Mountain rising in the distance.
The heavy snow on the trees near the research center.
The clearing along the power lines with unobstructed views reaching far to the east.  A closer look reveals snowmobiles riding in the clearing below the lines.
Power lines east.
VAST(Vermont Snowmobiling) trail signs near an intersection.
The forest is comprised of mostly spruce and hemlock.  The branches and needles are weighted down by heavy snow and ice.
High elevation winter woods.
The entire length of the trail is wide and clear, with compact snow making snowshoeing a very pleasant, easy stroll

After 2.5 miles of mostly level walking, the trail drops down steadily the last .1 mile to the shoreline of Little Pond.  It is a beautiful wilderness pond.
Little Pond Mountain and the Glastenbury Wilderness Area to the north of the pond.
The pond is still frozen over along with several inches of snow.  Snowmobile tracks can be seen riding out across the pond.
Frozen beech leaves.
Just off the trail in many areas, the woods are extremely thick.  There are many moose and other wildlife in this area of the National Forest.
Clouds held thick most of the day, but the temperature rose to near freezing in the early afternoon.
Winter woods.
Several snowmobiles passed on the return walk, but it was a mostly quiet, peaceful hike.
Found this interesting rock along the trail  Those teeth may look sharp but he seemed very friendly.
Hiked a total of 5 miles RT.  A mostly level snowshoe hike that made for a great excursion into the deep woods.

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