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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lewis Swyer Preserve

Headed down to Stuyvesant on another mild late winter day to visit the Lewis A Swyer Preserve, a 195 acre proprerty owned by The Nature Conservancy.  The parking area is a little over .1 mile north of the actual preserve entrance, so you must walk along Route 9J for a short distance to get to the boardwalk.
 Mill Creek runs along the length of the boardwalk and eventually empties into the Hudson River.
 Most of the creek was ice free with dirty water flowing quietly.
 A half mile boardwalk runs through a rare freshwater tidal swamp.  Today, because of the above freezing temps, the boardwalk had a few inches of condensed snow to trudge through.
 Further along the boardwalk, the Mill Creek runs under railroad tracks and a raised viewing platform that provides views of the water emptying into the Hudson River.  As I approached the platform I saw several people already there so I decided to turn back there.  A train was passing over just as I arrived.
 On my return back to the car I spotted a raccoon walking along a section of ice on the creek.  He didn't seem to be bothered by my presence.
 Looked like he was following the creek upstream on ice and mud.
After the pleasant one mile stroll along the boardwalk, I noticed the late afternoon sun making for a beautiful scene high in the western sky.
 A bit further north, the sun finally peaked out from behind the clouds.

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