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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tibbits State Forest

Went for a nice walk in the woods at Tibbits State Forest in the town of Hoosic on the official last day of winter today.  Reverend John Tibbits gave these 883 acres to the State in 1953 as a memorial to his family, which had owned the land for over 150 years.
The start of the trail follows an old logging road uphill through Shingle Hollow.
There are several small streams that run down from the woods and down to Shingle Hollow Brook.
A bit further along the trail, another small brook flows down into the hollow.
After about a half mile, a dense stand of evergreens greets you.
A stream can be seen carving out a path through the hollow on its way to Shingle Hollow Brook.
A light but constant rain, freezing drizzle and even flurries accompanied my hike.
An old stone wall stands deep in the woods.  Stone walls can be found throughout this region and New England and many date back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
In one section of the woods, the needles from evergreens littered the ground, almost giving the appearance of a green carpet.
Deep in the woods, another small stream suddenly appears along the trail.  There must be a spring somewhere in the area.
After bout 2.5 miles, the trail follows Old Walnut Hill Road, which was an old "carriage" road dating back to the last century.   It is one of the county's finest examples of how a rural road looked from the 1800's.
As I finished hiking the 4 mile loop, Route 7 and the parking lot could be seen down the hill.
This is a pleasant, fairly level, walk through an old growth forest.  Its 4.0 mile distance makes for a perfect short day hike.

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  1. Thank you for the detailed description of the Tibbits State Forest. It is a pleasure to know that the name is given to old-growth forest.

    Patrick Tibbits