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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Chapel Brook(Ashfield, Ma)

Chapel Brook, a nice, small preserve located in Franklin County Massachusetts offers hiking opportunities along tranquil Chapel Brook and up to Chapel Ledge, as well as other trails.
After crossing the road, a trail leads down to a series of waterfalls.  Chapel Brook was anything but tranquil after last night's heavy rains.  
Three successive falls can be viewed by following the banks of the creek.
Powerful cascading water.
After crossing back over the road, a trail begins to climb up through the woods.  Wooden steps help in a couple of the steeper areas.
From the base of Chapel Ledge looking up at the enormous 100 foot rock face.
A small clearing in the woods along the trail provides a glimpse out into a secluded house and meadow.
An old rock wall in the woods.
After a fairly short distance, you arrive at the Chapel Ledge and its views.
Although not a very high elevation, the views are still terrific.
Looking east.
Rock ledges.
A quiet, secluded home.
Pure, undisturbed country.
Looking down off the ledges.
Views along the ledges towards the nearby hills.
A nice spot to relax.
Through the trees.
From another ledge looking back at the main rock ledge.
A very rural area with a nice country house nestled into the hillside.
Here I am enjoying the views.
A very enjoyable, nearly perfect day.

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