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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Plotter Kill

Just got my new car yesterday and for my first trip in it I headed out to Rotterdam to visit the Plotter Kill Preserve.  It is a beautiful natural area with many steep ravines and waterfalls that eventually empty into the n Mohawk River.  On my way to the preserve, I came across this tributary of the Moccasin Kill just off of the road.  I pulled off and ventured down from the road for a better look and was delightfully surprised.
The rain from the last couple days left ample water flow to make a very pretty scene.
A short distance later I arrived at the Plotter Kill Preserve.  The last time I was here in January, the trails were slick and ice covered.  Today, they were muddy and sloppy, again making walking less than ideal.  There was a mist in the forest that made it almost eerie looking.
Extremely muddy trails.
The Upper Falls on the Plotter Kill dropping nearly 40 feet.  For perspective the onlookers across the creek, seem awfully small besides the powerful falls.
A closer look at the Upper Falls.
There are many descent lookout spots along the trails at the preserve as the land slowly erodes away little by little, leaving sharp drop offs and gorges cut out by the kill.  Here is a view out over the ravine with the mist really building up.
The Lower Falls are a little less accessible but just as beautiful as the Upper Falls.
The Lower Falls from above , along the blue marked trail.
The fog and humidity certainly created its own atmosphere in the woods.
After carefully descending down through the steep ravine, I was rewarded with a beautiful view of the Lower Falls from creek level.  The recent rain waters intensified the flow of the falls and left a refreshing mist in the air.
The climb back up the ravine was not easy, as wet rocks and roots made for a slow go.
Another view from the top of the bluffs over the foggy ravine.
An unmarked foot path treads closely to a sharp drop off.
Once back up to the red trail, it crosses the Plotter Kill on a footbridge.
The bridge may appear unstable but was very safe.
Fast flowing water in the Plotter Kill.
A trail along the creek leads to a much different vantage point of the Upper Falls from above.
The water drops dramatically below with the steep walls of solid rock seen behind, slowly being eaten away through time.
The water crashes far below above 40 feet.
A side view of the Upper Falls.
This is a remarkable preserve with several miles of hiking opportunities available but my mysteriously injured ankle really slowed me down today.  I was happy getting out and walking for about 2 miles before the ankle discomfort forced me back to the car.

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