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Friday, May 2, 2014

East Greenbush Town Park

A strange weather day which saw sun for a while, followed by periods of clouds and then rain, back to sun then back to clouds left me unsure about planning anything to far from home.  Decided on a nice walk at the nearby East Greenbush Town Park.  Just below the large parking area with playground and ballfields, a large beach area along the North Branch of the Moordener Kill.  The stream really opens up here and almost becomes a small lake or pond.
 A set of trails wanders through the woods here with my favorite one being the one that follows the stream.  Near the beginning of this trail I noticed the foliage really starting to open up the last couple days.  This tree actually had small leaves, while most were still in the budding phase.
 The North Branch of the Moordener Kill is dammed here, creating a pretty, albeit, artificial, waterfall.
 A marked trail follows the stream for a distance and then an informal foot path continues along the stream banks where the marked trail branches off.  The shoreline is starting to green up a little, making for a pleasant scene.
 Looking down from a higher trail through the still bare woods with the stream and trail rolling along.
 The sun broke through for a little while.  The temperature was very pleasant in the low 60's with just a light breeze.
 One of the trails comes out of the woods near the pavilion area, which overlooks the main part of the park where the playground and fields are.  Notice how green the grass has become.
 Blue skies alternating with clouds.
 Budding trees.
 The orange trail leads through the woods for a distance before crossing back over the access road and following the wider area upstream of the North Branch of the Moordener Kill.  This is a view back to the beach area, where a couple is relaxing at the picnic table.
 Reflections upstream.
 Plant growth along the shorelines.
 There are many spots along the stream for fishing or just plain relaxing.
It was nice to get out and enjoy a beautiful evening without taxing my ankle too much.  Did a good portion of all the trails at the park.

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