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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Landis Arboretum and Schoharie Creek Preserve

Spring can be a challenging time of year, as the forecast changes hour to hour and town to town.  Mostly cloudy skies at home gave way to beautiful blue skies in Schoharie County, as I headed to Landis Arboretum in Esperence.  Landis is a well known destination in this region, known for its plant sales and beautifully landscaped gardens.  It is also, although unknown to many, a great place to hike.
There are nearly 4.5 miles of trails, most short and fairly easy for walking.
Much of the trails were very soggy and dep mud was unavoidable in many areas.

A relaxing spring day under "big red".
Near the Great Oak is a clearing with gorgeous pastoral views of rolling countryside.
A view from the clearing, down the hill.
Much of this area is rural and provides beautiful views of farm country.
The Great Oak, which is one of the highlights of any visit to Landis, was struck by lightning a couple of years ago and bares the scars today.
The green woods of springtime.
Spring time is an interesting time of the year to view the foliage in reverse.
There were many volunteers on this day, working the gardens.
After hiking a couple of miles at Landis, I headed a little north to the Schoharie Creek preserve in the town of Charleston.  It is a fairly new preserve with a mile and a half of trails available.
Near the trail head is a large meadow with pleasant views.
The trail leads down to the banks of Wiley Creek, a peaceful ,babbling brook.
There are several, nice cascades to view from the trail.  You must leave the trail to get a better view of any of the falls.  The biggest waterfall is down a steep embankment and not easily viewed.
The trail eventually leads to the shores of Schoharie Creek.
This is a very secluded and quiet area along the river.  
Looking south.
Schoharie Creek flowing north, eventually emptying into the Mohawk River near Forth Hunter.
Reflections looking north towards the bend in the river.

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