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Monday, May 19, 2014

Evening Walk at Ooms

Wasn't sure whether it was going to rain or shine as it took turns doing each on this day, but it was still a very comfortable day with temps in the mid 60's, so I headed down to Chatham to walk the fantastic trails at Ooms Conservation Area.  A look down at Sutherland Pond with dark clouds looming
Lush green fields and the hint of storm clouds rolling in.
The winding path.
A great place for a stroll.
Sun and clouds battling above the pond.
Thicker clouds began to develop directly overhead at this point.  A brief rain fell but never amounted to much so I continued on my way.
The winds really began to pick up as I enjoyed the long distance views of Chatham's rolling countryside.
The strong winds and very light rain actually felt nice as I wandered along.
Looking back at the storm clouds.  I waited on a bench under the gazebo for the thick clouds to pass.
After a few minutes the clouds moved on and the sun took reign of the skies.  Sutherland Pond's blue waters from up the hillside.
Thick grass and clearing skies.
A rainbow began to form below the departing storm clouds.
Stunning reflections on the pond.
More reflections in the swampier area.
Turned out to be an almost perfect evening.  The air was pleasantly cool, but warm enough for shorts with the sun shining bright.
A boardwalk through an area that is routinely wet near the pond's shore.
Evening sun and spring flowers.
Doesn't get a lot better than this.
I passed another man with a camera on a perfect night for taking photos.
An excellent spot to relax.
I lingered on the pond's shores for several minutes, soaking in the beautiful evening.
Very glad I got out for a little while and enjoyed what turned out to be a lovely evening at Ooms.

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