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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Clermont State Historic Site

After taking a look at the forecast and seeing brighter skies to the south, I decided to head down to Clermont State Historical Site, located at the Columbia County/ Dutchess County line and located along the banks of the Hudson River.
The beautiful sprawling lawns are one of the main attractions to this site.
The Hudson River begins to widen appreciably in this section and views from the lawn are unbeatable.  Here is a nice view to the southwest with Saugerties on the opposite shoreline.
Plant life and wildflowers are really flourishing now.
The Catskill Mountains can be easily seen across the river as well.  Overlook Mountain and Plattekill Mountain are the main peaks to be seen.
The skies really began to clear out as the day wore out, affording even better views.
A lone fishing boat soaking in the beautiful spring day.
Seven generations of Livingstons lived on these grounds.  The mansion has been beautifully restored to its 1930's appearance.
The mountain view on a clear day such as this, inspired the name of the Livingston estate-"clear mountain".
Robert Livingston purchased a half million acres back in the 18th century and at one time around the Revolutionary War, owned every bit of land visible from their front steps.
What was once 13,000 acres, is now 502 acres of protected land, with up to 5 miles of trails available for hiking.
The gravel road leading to the mansion.  This is a popular venue for wedding and other various ceremonies.
There are many beautiful wildflowers to view at the estate.
The first lilacs I have spotted, with their wonderful aroma.
There are four formal gardens on the property, which can be accessed along the walking paths.
A barge heading up river.
This is a wonderful spot to enjoy a picnic, with plenty of tables, benches or rolling green lawns for relaxing.
Arryl House ruins can be seen along one of the old carriage roads.  This former mansion burned in 1909 and all that remains today are fragments of the brick and stone walls.
Another river view from the carriage road.
Early blossoms.
May's green landscape is very welcoming after the long, dormant winter.
Clearing skies.
Bees and dandelions.
A carriage road.  I walked in complete solitude on this day.  A very peaceful, easy walk.
More new blooms.
Swampy reflections.
The amount of new plant life is dizzying this time of year.  It is certainly a nice time to get out and about for a walk.  Walked about 2.5 miles total today on what turned out to be a very nice day.
Ended the day with a nice short paddle on Nassau Lake as the moon's beams reflected on the calm waters.

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