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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Both Sides of the Hudson(Papscanee Island and Moh-He-Con-Nuck)

Had some time and energy after work today so stopped and walked a couple of local preserves along the east and west sides of the Hudson River.  Papscanee Island(south entrance) is located just north of the village of Castleton along the east banks of the Hudson and offers several trail options that wander through the woods and to the shores of the river. Here is a nice view to the south where gravel Staats Island Road crosses Papscanee Creek.
 The preserve is located amongst many acres and generations of farmland.
 Berries along the trail.
 Weeds ad plants are loving the damp weather of late.
 The trail has a tropical feel this time of year with thick plant growth closing in.
 A trail leads down to the banks of the Hudson and affords you a chance to explore the shoreline for a distance.
 The Hudson downstream.
 Recent heavy rains have left this area near the shore underwater, creating a small island.
 Looking up the river towards the Bethlehem Energy Plant.
 The blue trail by the river was extremely wet and mud filled.
 It was oppressively humid and uncomfortable walking for even just a short distance.  Had to keep wiping down the camera lens due to it fogging up.  Walked a nice, but sticky .8 mile. 
Once leaving there I headed over to the west side of the Hudson to visit the new(2013) 53 acre Moh-He-Con-Nuck Preserve in Bethlehem.  This was my first time there so wanted to get out and explore all of the trails.
 As I walked down the wide path towards the woods the clear skies were quickly getting replaced by dark storm clouds.
 There are a maze of overlapping trails but all are color coded and signage is good.  Here is a glimpse through the woods at a swampy corner of Frothingham Lake.
 Nearly all of the trails are pleasant woods walking.  Unfortunately the rain moved in making it a damp walk back to the car.
 Walked about a total of one mile here and was drenched in sweat.  Felt good to get back into the air conditioned car. 
Stopped by the Schodack Town Park just before arriving home for a short walk there too.  The Moordener Kill is muddy colored and running high.  There were only a couple of other people out as wet weather was ready to move in again.

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