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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hollow Fields Reserve(Berkshires)

Recently found out there was a new(2013) 139 acre preserve in Richmond, Massachusetts aquired by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council(BNRC).  The preserve provides 2 miles of fields walking and great views of the entire Yokun Ridge.  With a little bit of free time I went to check it out after work today and I was not disappointed. 
 I was somewhat limited on time so I couldn't explore the entire network of trails, but did nearly all of the fields walking. 
The sun was hot and there was no shade to be found but there were very rewarding views to the south and east however.
 Beautiful rolling hay fields.
 Black Eyed Susans.
Panoramic view of the Yokun Ridge.
The trail leaves the fields and follows a wide woods road.  The woods trails cross several times and can be a bit confusing.  It did feel nice being out of the hot sun for a few minutes though.
 Reentering the large upper field provides more panoramic views.
 The breeze started picking up on the return walk.
 The barns and farmhouses along Perry's Peak Road with Lenox Mountain and Yokun Seat rising steeply in the background.
 East views under beautiful skies.
 The trail winding up the hill.
 Simply an outstanding day for a quiet, peaceful walk.
 Wildflowers and barns.
There were very nice views all around. 
Really enjoyed the wide open fields and beautiful vistas, but am really looking forward to getting back here when I have more time to explore the woods trails and Sleepy Hollow Brook.

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