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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Moxham Mountain and Schroon River(Adirondacks)

Took a ride up to the Adirondacks today to visit my family at their camp.  My nephew Holden and I headed about a half hour away to Moxham Mountain in Minerva, which is a 5.6 mile RT hike.  A fairly new trail, completed in 2011, it offers incredible views from a mostly open summit area.  Much of the hike is through hardwoods with only a moderate climb and a couple of steeper sections.
After about a half mile or so there is the first of several rocky clearings with views to the west.
 Dark clouds began rolling in as we continued our hike.  Wasn't sure if we'd stay dry or not.
A view back to the northwest at a clearing.  Made a nice spot to relax.
 Back into a hardwood forest where the bugs were relentless.
 A rocky clearing provides nice southwest views and clearing skies.
 Mountain tops reaching for the sky.
The steepest climbing is left for the last mile or so of the trail.  This also provides very rewarding views.  Here is a panorama from a cliff with the large rocky summit visible to the left.
 Moxham Mountain's summit.
 A closer look at the rocky cliffs of the summit.
Countless southeast peaks all the way to the horizon.
 Holden soaking in the amazing view.
 The actual summit marker.
The views from the top are outstanding.  Views in all directions are incredible with the exception of  the north.
 Gore Mountain's ski slopes can be seen to the south.
 The rocky spine where we had just hiked up. 
 Looking back to the west on the summit area.
 West views of the many peaks over the Siamese Ponds Wilderness.
 The dark clouds seemed to be breaking up leaving gorgeous skies. 
 Summit panorama.
 To the east, the Hudson River can be seen meandering along.
Clearing skies to the west.  Dark skies remain to the east.
A very sharp drop off from the rocky cliffs.
 The summit area is very open and lends itself to wandering around, soaking in the sunshine and views.
 We stayed on the top for a half hour or so, admiring the views.  Unfortunately the bugs chased us off.
Hiking back down the mountain went nice and smooth until we happened to see a black bear not far off the trail.  I saw it first and told Holden, who instinctively wanted to run but I stopped him.  The bear stood up, sniffed the air and ran away after hearing and/or smelling us.  This was certainly a rush.  Headed back to the camp where the sun was shining bright and the air was warm.  The Schroon River flows directly past their cabin. We went out for about an hour boat ride, gliding down the river.
 Placid water with amazing reflections.
 Independence Day is tomorrow!
 Patriotic campsite.
 This long stretch of the river is very quiet and peaceful, lined with campsites.
 Clouds began filling the sky again and it looked like rain so we headed back. 
Thunderstorms moved in but not until we enjoyed a very enjoyable, fun day.

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