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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Escarpment Trail-Inspiration Point/ Boulder Rock(Catskills)

Headed down to the Catskills again today to hike part of the Escarpment Trail beginning from the Scutt Road trailhead just outside North/ South Lake Campground.  The trail combines as a horse trail and parallels the road for about a half mile.  The sun began to fight through the clouds making for a nice, but humid afternoon.
 The trail soon comes to the edge of the escarpment with steep drop offs only a few feet away.
 Sunset Rock(the less famous one) with its tremendous view of Katterskill High Peak and Clove directly in front of you.
 Sunset Rock.
 A very short distance after leaving Sunset Rock, you arrive at Inspiration Point.  This is an even more amazing viewpoint over Katterskill Clove.  This is a view to the west.
 Looking directly ahead from Inspiration Point at Katterskill High Peak and Round Top.
 Steep ledges.
 Panoramic view from Inspiration Point.
 Following the Escarpment Trail around a bend brings you to an eastern view of the Clove stretching all the way towards the Hudson River.
 The steep facing slopes of Katterskill High Peak.
 Far, far below is Route 23A with its traffic can be faintly heard.
 The trail continues along the steep cliffs for a distance.  At one point I passed a couple coming from the other direction and we had to be extremely careful with our footing.
 After a couple of trail junctions, I followed a spur trail towards Boulder Rock, but first passed Split Rock.  Split Rock is a huge boulder that is separated from the rocky trail by several steep feet in between.
 Just ahead is Boulder Rock.  Formerly known as Bowlder Rock, there are engravings in the stones below it dating back to the 1800's.  
 There are a series of ledges in the area just past Boulder Rock, each with sensational views to the east over the Hudson Valley.
 A panoramic view of the Hudson Valley.
 There are very sharp drop offs from these cliffs, as far down as 1800 feet below to Palenville.
 Feeling good!
 The east facing views are simply amazing stretching to the Hudson River and far beyond.
 Looking south from one of the ledges.
  Took the flat Sleepy Hollow Horse Trail back to Scutt Road and my car.
Had a great day hiking in the woods, with a total of about 5.5 miles RT.


  1. My husband and I were just there, thanks for the pictures! We didn't take any because I was too petrified to move, LOL. The section with the narrow footing really got me, I ended up having to turn back. But it was beautiful!

    1. It really is gorgeous there! Glad you made it back safely!