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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bare Top Mountain(Sand Lake)

Had an offer from a friend to hike 1315 foot Bare Top Mountain(known locally as Bear's Head), a small peak in the town of Sand Lake this afternoon, and simply couldn't pass up.  Access to the land is strictly private but he has permission to be there, so we parked in a farm field and began our way.  After crossing open fields, we entered a mixed forest on woods roads.
A large meadow with my friend's dog leading the way.
Arriving at the ledge near the summit.  Although not the true summit, the view from this vantage point was fantastic.
Looking northwest.
A great view of Glass Lake, directly below.
Glass Lake with Route 43 to the right, winding through Averill Park.  Looking carefully in the center of the photo, you can make out the Albany skyline.
A zoomed in view of the small hamlet of Glass Lake.
We followed some old woods roads which circle the summit area, before heading back towards the truck.  A nice, small hike with big views.

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