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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wiley Lean To & Ten Mile Hill(Appalachian Trail-Taconic Region)

Took a drive down to the New York/ Connecticut state line this morning, following one of our only snow storms of the season last night.  I use the term "snow storm" lightly, but this winter any snow at all qualifies as a storm.  Woke up to this scene on the lake as I loaded up the car.
The Appalachian Trail runs through this area, and crosses the state line near the trail head on Hoyt Road.  To get there, I drove down Route 22 into the hamlet of Wingdale, and then followed Route 55 east to Hoyt Road, just before crossing into Connecticut.  After about .3 of a mile on Hoyt Road, there is a small parking area with room for three cars on the right.  It is unmarked so just look for the AT blazing on trees at a bend in the road.
 To find the AT south, you must back track on Hoyt Road for about 100 yards and then re enter the woods.  I soon arrived in a large field, with nearby houses in the distance. 
 The trail leaves the open fields and enters the beautiful snow covered woods.
The trail winds its way through open hardwoods and then hemlock and cedar groves as it drops down to a beautiful bridge crossing over Duell Hollow Brook.
 Crossing quiet Duell Hollow Road.
 After 1.2 miles I arrived at the Wiley Shelter, which sits high up on a plateau.
 The Wiley Shelter appears to be in very good shape and even offers up the "Little" Dover Free Library, a chance for fellow hikers to leave a good book for the next folks to come by.
 Took a moment to relax in the lean to, checking the AT guide and drinking some water.
 A nice looking outhouse.
 After leaving the lean to area, I retraced my steps north, soon arriving back at the foot bridge over Duell Hollow Brook.
 Arriving back at the car, I then crossed Hoyt Road and crossed over into Connecticut.  The trail heads north from here 1.8 miles to the summit of Ten Mile Hill.
After .7 of a mile, the trail crosses busy Route 55.  Be careful crossing here.
 As I continued north, ascending Ten Mile Hill, the skies began to clear out.
 Arriving at a clearing near the summit of Ten Mile Hill, with views down over rural Dutchess County.
 Great views to the west into New York state.
Ten Mile Hill, elevation 1000 feet. 
 Enjoyed the views at the top for a while before turning back, heading south towards the car, under mostly sunny skies.
Hiked 6 miles RT in about 3 to 4 inches of fresh snow, saddling the state line on both sides of the AT.

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