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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Robert Ingalls Preserve(East Nassau)

Went for a walk at the Robert Ingalls Preserve's new network of trails in East Nassau along the banks of quiet Black Brook.  Bitter winter winds were howling through the trees as I walked through the snowy woods.
 I quickly dropped down to the beautiful new(ish) foot bridge over Black Brook and crossed over to the new trails on the opposite bank.
Turned left onto the Rock Polypody Fern Trail, which climbs fairly steeply towards the northwest edge of the preserve.
The trails turns right here and enters a thick stand of evergreens.
 There are several side trails which leave down towards the brook, but I followed the Ridge trail until its end.
 Freshly fallen snow.
 A small path off of the Ridge Trail leads down to a nice view of a cold cascade.
 The new trails offer many pleasant views of wintry Black Brook.
 Brrr.  Icy cold water.
Hiked nearly all of the trails at the preserve for a little over 2 miles total, on a cold winter day.  Thoroughly enjoyed the brand new trails, thanks to the efforts of the Rensselaer Land Trust.

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