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Monday, February 15, 2016

Petticoat Hill(Pioneer Valley-Massachsuetts)

Woke up to shivering cold temperatures below zero this morning but had the day off so I ventured out anyway. 
 Drove east to explore some of the Pioneer Valley region of Western Massachusetts and visited 60 acre Petticoat Hill Reservation, located in the quaint town of Williamsburg.  Parking is available in a small pull off on Petticoat Hill Road, just south of Williamsburg Center, with room for about three cars.
 The trail begins climbing immediately after passing a kiosk with trail map and soon arrives at the first loop.  I turned right where stone steps and a sign for the summit greet you.
 Looking back down towards the car from the first loop junction.
 The trail is marked in green blazes and climbs continuously with screened views down to the valley.
 Passing a snow covered stone wall.
 The lower loop eventually meets up with Locke's Loop at the 1,034 foot summit of Scott's Hill.
Locke's Loop winds through diverse woods and eventually drops steeply north back towards the lower loop.  The church spire down in the village center can be barely seen through an opening in the trees.
 Views north towards homes along Petticoat Lane.
 As I neared the car, snow showers began to move in.
Snow covered needles along the trail.
Completed a quiet 1.5 mile hike on a very cold Monday morning.

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