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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Burden Pond(Troy)

Visited historically significant Burden Pond located in an urban section of South Troy this morning.  Although it is hard to imagine today, Burden Pond was very relevant to the industrial development of the area in the 19th century.  The Burden Dam ushered water from the Wynants Kill downstream, under Route 4 to the Burden Iron Company, where the world's largest waterwheel turned.  Further upstream an abandoned powerhouse generated electricity to the Burden Iron Company as well.        
Parking is found by following Route 4 through Troy, then turning onto Campbell Ave and immediately parking on the left side of the road in a small parking lot near the south end of Burden Pond Dam. 
Burden Pond on a beautiful late winter day.  The pond was once much bigger than it is now.  Years of sedimentation has turned the once large pond into a marshy swamp.
After leaving the car, take a few steps towards the water and pause a moment to take in the view of Burden Dam.
Cross over the Mill Street Bridge(Route 4) in front of the dam and then walk east across the lawn towards the dam, on the opposite shore from the parking lot.  Here is the view of the dam looking towards Campbell Ave.
An easy to follow trail soon enters the woods, continuing east along the shores of marshy Burden Pond.
The sun quickly began thawing out the ground, turning the trail into mud.
Looking across Burden Pond at a contrast of nature and city dwellings.
There are several different trails that break off from the main trail, with some climbing up steep hillsides.  The recommended route is to stay close to the water to avoid the muddier, steeper slopes.  Following the shores of the Wyants Kill, you will soon arrive at the ruins of the powerhouse.
A quiet stretch of the Wyants Kill.
The sounds of rushing water up ahead can only mean one thing.  You are approaching the first set of picturesque cascades.
The cascades from the trail, encased in a deep gorge.
Continuing past the first cascades, where the trail shows obvious use from off road vehicles.
Looking downstream at the Wyants Kill.
Arriving at the main waterfall, a pretty eight foot high drop with several fallen trees and branches collected over time.
Just above the main falls is a clear view of the pipeline which supplied water directly downstream to the powerhouse.
  The view of the main falls and pipeline from atop the small ravine.
The property ends after about half a mile at the upper falls and pipeline.  I turned around there and began heading back.
A section of old boardwalk which fell into disrepair and has now been rerouted around it.
Looking up the steep ravine at blue skies above the South Troy ballpark.
Really enjoyed this historical walk, with a lot jammed into a one mile RT hike.  One tip I would offer to anyone visiting, would be to bring a friend and be careful, because this is an urban area.

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