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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fishing the Hoosic River(and Little Hoosic) with Dad

Got out for the day to do some fishing with my dad, which is always a treat for me.  We decided to basically follow the Hoosic River west from the NY/ Vermont state line all the way to where it meets the Hudson in Schaghticoke.  On our way up Route 22 north, we decided to make a quick pit stop at the smaller, but still beautiful Little Hoosic River.
A great little hole where we caught some small brookies.
 Looking back at the old bridge.
 After spending about 45 minutes at the Little Hoosic, we drove north through Petersburg to Route 346 and stopped by the bridge crossing at the state line. This was a wide, mellow section of the river with muddy shores.
 Looking downstream towards the railroad bridge. 
 After about 20 minutes, we decided to head back west along 346 to a small pull off near the railroad tracks.  We crossed the tracks and followed a short path down to a gorgeous, rocky spot along the river.  The rocks have been shaped by the river over the years.
 Downstream at the wide open river.
 Waiting for a bite.
 A short section of swift rapids.  The water looked so inviting on a hot and muggy summer afternoon.
 We didn't catch anything at the railroad tracks either, so we drove further north to another access area on the Hoosic along Route 22, just north of Route 7.
 A rough 4 wheel drive road leads directly down to the river.  A slow current flows north here and we walked the banks up and down for a bit, but with no luck again.
 Our next stop was along Route 67 at the fairly new DEC parking lot at Eagle Bridge.  This is a beautiful, quiet stretch of river, where the current is barely noticeable.
 The sun came out making for nice pics, but steamy conditions. 
 Placid waters.  It was pretty hot and humid and the fish were biting, so we decided to cool off for a few and head to our next stop.
Next stop was the Buskirk Covered Bridge, just north of Route 67 on County Route 103.
There is plenty of angler access along the south banks of the Hoosic here.  It is also quite a popular fishing spot, as we saw several others in our short time there.
We caught a brown trout through here but released it.
 Our last stop on the Hoosic was at Lock 4 in Schaghticoke.  We didn't bring the fishing poles here, but took a short hike down to the Hoosic wide open rocky shores, just before it meets the Hudson.

 On the way home we made one last stop along the east shore of the Tomhannock Reservoir.
 We found a path that lead a ways down to a secluded beachy area.  We fished this for about 20 minutes before dark clouds chased us back to the truck.  Did manage to get a couple hits, but didn't get the fish.
We made many stops, exploring the many areas of the Hoosic River and although we didn't have much luck catching any fish, I had a great day with my dad. 

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