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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Thacher Park OSI via Carrick Road

Took Bella, our new puppy, out for her first hike today in the northern section of Thacher Park's OSI parcel on a warm early June day.  I was also glad to have Kalli come out for the first time in a while too.  We parked at the large, informal parking lot at the end of Carrick Road and set out.
 Passing the rock formations in the old quarry near the trailhead.
 There are many different trails that wind through these woods.  We started by taking a right onto the Fred Schroeder Memorial Trail loop.
 Bella stopped to pose for an obligatory photo.
 A perfect day for a walk on the mostly level trails.
 Came across this old abandoned car in the woods.
 "Gasoline Alley"
We followed a white connector trail to the Hang Glider Trail and followed this to the Hang Glider clifftop views.
 No matter how many times I've seen this view, it never gets old.  Albany County spreading out as far as the eye can see.
 Looking down at Altamont  and the Altamont Fairgrounds.
 Looking out towards the Albany skyline.
 We enjoyed the nice vista for a while before turning back.  We wanted to walk more but didn't want to push Bella too much on her first hike, especially with the warm weather.
 Hiked a little less than 3 miles RT on a great day in the outdoors.