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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary(South Bethlehem)

Visited the 140+ acre Hollyhock Hollow Sanctuary located off of Rarrick Road in South Bethlehem this evening with Bella(it was brought to my attention afterward that there are no dogs allowed on these trails and for that I apologize).  This was the headquarters for Audubon International for 20 years, until they moved to Rensselaer Tech Park back in 213.
 We followed the Creek Trail down to the Onesquethaw Creek.
 The rock strewn creek.
 Filtered sunshine shining through the trees.
 A small, quiet pool along the Creek Trail.
 We crossed Rarick Road(being careful to watch for traffic), then took the green marked Hemlock Trail to the red marked Audubon Trail, which follows the northern edge of the perimeter of the preserve.
 Passing old stone walls along the edge of the preserve.
 We soon arrived at the white marked Indian Pipe Trail, passing by some pretty interesting tree formations.

 Bella leading the way on the yellow marked Wildlife Trail.
 An old stone quarry.
 Some interesting info...
 We walked a total of about 2.5 miles RT, and we didn't see anyone else in the woods the entire time.
After leaving the Sanctuary, we stopped by the new South Bethlehem Fishing Access site, located along nearby Rupert Road.  A DEC parking lot is found just east of the Transfer Station.
 A wide, easy to follow quarter mile path(road) leads down to the creek.
 The Onesquethaw Creek flows very slowly and quietly through this stretch.
 Bella wanted to explore the creek.

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