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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thacher Park via Beaver Dam Road

Took an afternoon stroll at Thacher Park Sunday with Kalli and Bella.  We parked along Beaver Dam Road at the first pull off just past Pinnacle Road and were on our way.  A refreshing breeze kept us all pretty comfortable.
 We headed due west on the blue trail, basically paralleling Beaver Dam Road, until we met up with the Long Path, and then turned north on a wide woods road.
 We soon came to a large meadow, which is actually the headwaters of Minelot Creek.
 Passing an old stone foundation.
 At a crossroads.
 We continued north all the way to the Paint Mine parking lot and Route 157 in the main section of the park.  After crossing the road, I took a quick glimpse from the top down over Minelot Falls.
 The breathtaking views off Thacher Park's famous escarpment.
 Looking west at the escarpment at the Horseshoe Lot.
 We relaxed on the lawn for a while, playing with Bella before turning back and recrossing the road, heading back south.  Here is a look at the mostly dried up creek bed of Minelot Creek.
 A bit more water upstream for Bella to play in.
 A quiet area of woods along the Nature Trail back on our way to the blue trail.
We walked about 3.2 miles RT on a humid afternoon.

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