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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Greenport Conservation Area

Got out for a nice evening walk at the Greenport Conservation Area located just north of the city of Hudson along the banks of the Hudson River.  It is a beautiful area with many trail options ranging from open meadows to woods walking to stream crossings.
The sun was setting on yet another in a pleasant stretch of gorgeous weekends.
The evening rays cast some nice looking shadows.
The paths are very clear and easy to follow with most being easy walking.  This is a very beautiful spot to walk and watch the sunset due to westerly views over the Hudson to the Catskills.
An overlook bench area for relaxing.
This spot provides remarkable views to North Bay and the Hudson River as well as many of the Catskill peaks.
Setting sun.
Amazing views.
From a small clearing in the woods.
A zoomed in look at some of the Catskills.
The sun peaking through a small break in the foliage.
It was such a lovely evening for a pleasant stroll.
Sun and shadows.
Near the picnic pavilion in a quiet spot of the preserve.
There are several trail options as well as shortcuts for those pressed for time.
Looking out over the open fields I got lucky and spotted this deer peeking out.
As I returned to the kiosk area near the old trailhead, the sun had began to sink below the horizon.
Twilight Panorama.
Not a terribly long walk, but a very pleasant, stress relieving stroll.

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