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Friday, June 27, 2014

Vroman's Nose

 My very old friend Art just moved back home after living in North Carolina the past 12 years and told me this week that he wants to start hiking with me.  Keeping in mind that he has never hiked before, I decided to take him to a short hike with incredible views.  Vroman's Nose is a local treasure loacted in rural Schoharie County.  Most of the climb is steady but never steep.
The trail is only about .7 miles to the top and even before that there are some amazing far reaching views.
 Art was feeling a bit winded but did a great job.  The final push to the top.
 This is truly one of those places that pictures do not do justice for.  The views from the open cliffs are spectacular.
 Only a few feet away from the trail is a very dangerous cliff.  Anyone with young children should definitely keep a watchful eye.
 Those tiny specs are cars in the fields far below.
 Art collecting his thoughts.
 An amazing spot to soak in the views.

 Great job buddy!
 VERY steep.
 A shot to give some perspective on the sheer drop offs.
 Route 30 and traffic seen several hundred feet below.
 Looking back to the north and east on a gorgeous late June day.
 There were many others out soaking up the beautiful weather on top of Vroman's Nose.  It's hard to find a hike that is so rewarding for so little work.
 Looking back at the rocky cliffs.
Overall hiked about 1.5 miles total.  We really took our time.  I think Art did well, and I look forward to taking him again.

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