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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Normanskill/ Vloman Kill(Five Rivers Ed. Ctr.)

Had plans to get out and do some hiking after work today, but a cloudy and damp afternoon lead me to do a couple of smaller, local walks.  Stopped by the Normanskill Farm Park along the banks of the Normanskill Creek in Delmar to stretch my legs first.
 A small side tributary was flowing strong through the woods down into the creek.
 Looking back up at the old abandoned "Delaware Turnpike" bridge(on the bottom) with the current Delaware Avenue Bridge(Route 443) above.
 Pretty wildflowers along the trail near the community gardens.
 Looking down at the Normanskill from the trail.  Notice the "dirty" appearance of the creek due to the rain waters.
After a short walk of only about a half mile, I headed just down the road to the Five Rivers Educational Center.  I took a stroll through a couple of field trails that lead to the Vloman Kill.
The Vloman Kill trail is a pleasant half mile walk through beautiful woods and along the banks of the stream.  A gorgeous foot bridge crosses the stream here, where a water gauge measures the water depth.
The pleasant Vloman Kill's relaxing waters.
Pretty woodland wildflowers.
The winding path.
Looking down at the Vloman Kill.
Near the far end of the trail is another foot bridge and pretty cascades.
Although small, the cascades are very picturesque.
The trail is very easy walking with many benches for relaxing.
The abundant green surrounding the stream makes for a very nice setting.
Something very relaxing about a babbling brook.

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