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Friday, June 20, 2014

Hand Hollow

Went out for a short hike today to Hand Hollow Conservation Area in rural New Lebanon.  It is a place close to home that offers up to 3 miles of pleasant woods walking so it fit the bill for my time available.
What a gorgeous day!  A mix of sun and clouds and low humidity made it perfect to be out enjoying the trails. The wildflowers filled the air with sweet fragrance.
 Couldn't ask for better conditions to be out for a stroll.
 Beautiful Meizenger Pond is the centerpiece of this Conservation Area, with a trail circling about half of the 21 acre pond.  Several benches sit along the shoreline for quiet spots to stop and reflect.
 From the far end of the pond looking back at the private home on Gale Hill Road.
 A dammed area makes a nice, large clearing to walk along and provide unimpeded views out across the water.
 Back in the woods, there are several trail options.  The green trail runs the length of the property and offers a secluded spot along a tributary of Hollow Brook.
The rustic footbridge over the brook.
 Babbling Hollow Brook, with the sun peaking through a break in the canopy.
 The sun filled woods made for a very pleasant walk.
 Along the red trail, which skirts the outer property of the Area, is a nice gazebo.  This is in a quiet spot deep in the woods, where the only sounds you may hear is the chirping of birds or the wind rustling the leaves.
 A circular bench provides seating for a group, as well as a shelter during rainy conditions.
A nice, relaxing 1.5 mile walk in the woods on the last day of spring.

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