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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Prospect Rock(Vermont)

 Finally had a dry day to get out and really hike after basically a week straight of cloudy, dreary weather.  Headed north to Vermont to hike Prospect Rock, a 3.5 mile RT hike just outside of Manchester in the Green Mountain National Forest.  The trail is actually a 4 wheel drive continuation of Rootville Road.  It is very rocky the whole way.
Just off the trail is a beautiful, hidden waterfall that cascades down the glen.
 Small brook running under the trail.
 A small walk into the woods gives you a better look at the pretty cascades.
 Near the top of the trail, the sun finally came out, brightening things up.  The trail climbs steadily, but never steeply the entire 1.7 miles up.
 A sign for Prospect Rock.  Just to the left of this spot, the Appalachian Trail heads north towards Spruce Peak.
 Taconic skyline of Little Equinox and Equinox Mountain with Manchester Center below.

 Fantastic views.
 Downer Glen, a deep ravine is far below the lookout.
 Panoramic View of the Manchester Valley.
 Cascades and crystal clear mountain water.
A nice, quiet hike on a cool late spring day.

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