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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Grafton Lakes State Park

Today was my company picnic at beautiful Grafton Lakes State Park high up on the Rensselaer Plateau.  Our company's reserved area was at the Deerfield Picnic Area, but took the .25 mile walk down to Long Pond and the large public beach.  Even with cool temps in the upper 60's it was still fairly crowded with a party atmosphere along the beach.  Rowboats and kayaks can be rented and used on Long Pond.
Just beyond the crowded beach a short walk leads to a quiet 2.6 mile loop hiking trail around Long Pond.  A lovely view north up Long Pond just prior to the entering the woods.
There were plenty of mushrooms we spotted along the trail, many with interesting colors.
The trail closely follows Long Pond's shorelines.
The trail is almost completely level and easy walking, with a few rocky areas.
An old tree which has seen better days still standing proud.
Another mushroom!
Pleasant woods walking.
It was a busy summer weekend with many kayakers and hikers out and about.
Early glimpses of fall.
The much quieter, northern section of Long Pond.
A small, peaceful, sandy beach lies at the very north end of the pond.
A panoramic view of the pond with dock.
Leaf detail.
Much to our surprise, a group of folks on horseback came down the trail to the waters edge.
Someone forgot their specs.
Great, cool, overcast walking weather.
Rippling waters.
A rare cameo appearance from this blogger.
This was an interesting rock which almost looks like it has an angry face.
A pretty but small island along the west shore.
Looking across the waters to the public beach.
A walk amongst the pines near the end of the trail.
Cattails and weeds near the beach.
Skies cleared as we came out to the beach.  Many people were out and about enjoying the day.
Headed back to the picnic for several more hours enjoying great company and food.  Very much enjoyed our 3 mile RT hike.

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