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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pine Cobble (Berkshires)

Took my buddy Ethan on a nice hike after work up Pine Cobble and East Mountain in Williamstown, Mass.  Luckily, a questionable forecast with a chance of thunderstorms didn't pan out at all, and clear skies prevailed.  The trailhead is located near a residential development and back yards are actually visible through the woods in lower parts of the trail.
 The trail climbs through hardwoods and is a very pleasant stroll. 
 Gray, angular hunks of quartzite can be found along several stretches of the trail.
 A large bowl of rainwater pools at the bottom of a triple stemmed oak, making for an interesting spot to stop and marvel.
 After 1.6 miles you arrive at Pine Cobble's south facing views.
Pine Cobble, with an elevation of 1893 feet, is a sub peak of larger East Mountain. There are amazing views of the Greylock Range from here.
 There are fantastic views down over the Williamstown valley, although the late afternoon sun and summer haze detracted from the view.
 Hazy southern views.
 Looking north towards East Mountain's summit and the Vermont state line.
 Huge quartzite boulders are scattered everywhere around the Pine Cobble summit.  Here is a view back up at Ethan on top of the boulders on the north face.
 The north facing lookout provides dramatic views east as well.
 A look east down over the town of North Adams with the Hoosac Range rising directly above.
 A great panoramic view north and east.
 Pine Cobble's northeast views to North Adams and beyond.
 We hiked back to the trail junction and followed the Pine Cobble Trail to the Appalachian Trail junction.  A large white quartz boulder field makes for a nice spot to explore.

 The rocky cairns at the AT junction.
Hiked a total of 4.4 miles RT.  The day turned out to be outstanding with low humidity and temps in the low 70's.

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