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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kayaderosseras Creek(Burl Trail)

Took a short but beautiful walk along the banks of the Kayaderosseras Creek just outside of Ballston Spa today.  The one mile trail is located at a place called Gray's Crossing, at a large bend in the creek.
 There is ample parking in the parking lot, but the small access road can be easy to miss for the 345 acre parcel. Early morning clouds made way for warm, blue skies.
 Gray's Crossing provides a launch area for kayak/ rowboats as well as the Burl Nature Trail.
The trail enters woodland along the banks of the creek.  Much of this section of the creek is calm, still water.
 The creek begins to run a bit more swiftly just downstream from the bend.
 After walking through the woods for a short distance, you enter a field of pretty wildflowers.

 The trail wanders back to the creek shore amongst weeds and Black Eyed Susans.
 As skies continued to clear, the day got warmer and warmer.
 More wildflowers.
 Water depth doesn't appear to get much more than 3 to 4 feet at the deepest along much of this area.
 There are a few spots where informal paths lead down to the water and muddy shores.
 Recent rains have left a muddy, brown appearance in the waters.
A beautiful, warm day along the Kayaderosseras Creek, which eventually empties into Saratoga Lake.
 Shade and heavy weed growth mark the section of trail that runs along the creek opposite Old Post Road.
 I took a walk down to the muddy shoreline, but lost my footing in the mud and took a spill.  My left foot actually went into the creek and my leg was planted in the mud. 
 This was a very unpleasant surprise, but I did manage to keep the camera dry.  Phew!

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