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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hilltop Orchards(Berkshires)

With autumn fast approaching and prime apple picking season nearly upon us, we headed over to Hilltop Orchards in rural Richmond, Massachusetts today to visit the farm store and winery as well as walk the beautiful orchards.
The bucolic orchards are located up a hillside off of Route 295 just past the New York state line.
 A row of Adirondack chairs greet you as upon arrival just steps away from the farm store and winery's front doors.  We went for a walk first but would return to visit here.
 A pleasant walk through rows upon rows of apples awaits you, should you want to explore the fields.
 Many varieties of apples are grown here, some flourishing on the trees while others lay on the ground below.
 Ripe red apples litter the ground below this tree.
 As we walked on, the rows of trees continue gradually uphill.
 Healthy young apples and blue skies.
 Just past the last row of trees, the open fields climb gradually until you reach a picnic table.  This makes for a great spot to picnic and enjoy the beautiful southern views above the entire orchards.
  Tabletop views.
 Rolling peaks of the southern Berkshires.
 Blue skies and puffy cumulous clouds made for a gorgeous late afternoon.
 John Deere.
 Peaceful setting.
 John Deere rolling on.
Low humidity and beautiful blue skies-just what I like to see.
 Met a little buddy along the way.
 Abundant apples surround this tree.
 A lone birdhouse.
 There is much to see once you are back to the farm store and winery.  Barrels of hard pressed Johnny Mash hard cider.
 Wine tasting is very popular here at the winery.
 There are many tasty fresh foods available including delicious cider donuts.
 A great spot to stop and relax before hitting the road.

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