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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Saratoga Monument

Spent an absolutely  gorgeous afternoon at the Saratoga Race Track with some close friends.  After leaving the track, we visited nearby Saratoga Monument in Schuylerville, the site of the British surrender during the American Revolution.
Benches and sidewalks surround the Monument and there are public restrooms as well, making this a great spot to come visit for people of all age levels and abilities.
The Monument stands over 150 feet tall and contains 188 steps as well as 5 levels and a viewing platform at the top.
Keeping watch.
Many 19th and even 18th century headstones can be found here, most with very interesting stories to tell. 
The Victory Woods Trail begins near the entrance to Prospect Hill Cemetery, with white marked dots guiding the way.  
Looking up the Saratoga Monument.  The year 1877 is visible here, because the cornerstone for the Monument was laid on October 17, 1877, 100 years after the British defeat.
A look inside the Monument, which was unfortunately locked upon our arrival.  When open, the views from atop are outstanding!
Walkingman247 reflections.
Victory Woods Trail runs about 1.5 miles total RT.  It is a very easy, relaxing walk with interpretive signs along the way explaining some of the rich history.
It was simply a perfect summer evening to go for a walk.  
The gorgeous 154.5 foot tall Monument stands proudly over Prosect Hill Cemetery.
A leaning tree.
Prospect Hill Cemetery's avenue of the pines.
Found this spiderweb in the corner of a gravestone.
A weeping willow along the trail just before you enter the woods.
A seating area at a nearby home looked so inviting.
A beautiful boardwalk runs through much of the woods, making for nice, easy walking.  
The sun beaming made the walk through Victory Woods magical.
Millions of bugs in the sunlight.
Altogether there was nothing strenuous or even challenging about this walk...just a pleasant evening stroll with close friends.  A beautiful evening.

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