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Monday, November 29, 2021

Hannacroix Creek Preserve(New Baltimore Conservancy-Greene County)

Headed down to the 113 acre Hannacroix Creek Preserve, located at the Albany/ Greene County line along the west shore of the Hudson River on a somber, overcast day.  Have hiked here several times in the past, but been a while so it was nice to pay it another visit. Was a bit surprised to be the only car in the lot when I arrived in the early afternoon, but the dreary, mid-week weather probably kept most folks away.   

Got started on the Irving Trail, which climbs steadily uphill before then descending down to the Hannacroix Creek.  There are two trail options to get down to the water, with one dropping steeply, while the other a bit more mellow, but either way will get you there.  Once down near the creek, I checked out the historical remains of the 19th century Crowsel-Parson Paper Mill, which sit just off the trail.

The blue blazed trail eventually dead ends at the picturesque falls on the Hannacroix Creek.  This a very nice spot to stop and relax for a few moments, soaking in the serenity.  
Looping back on the wide, old cart road, which climbs steadily back up and away from the creek.
From a trail junction, I took the yellow blazed North Trail back to the parking area and then across Route 144 to the Hudson River trail, which passes through a wetland area on a long boardwalk. 
Nearing the river, an old brick chimney from many years ago can be seen sitting back in the woods.
After passing through a tidal area, the trail continues a short distance east, emerging from the woods with a glimpse of the Hudson River ahead. 
From the trail's end, a view across the mighty Hudson River, with a barge coming downstream.
Zoom view of the barge, presumably heading south from the Port of Albany with supplies.
After a few minutes, I headed back from the river to the parking area, not seeing another person the entire time.  A pleasant little 2.2 mile local hike at a local gem. 

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