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Friday, October 16, 2015

Bozen Kill Preserve(Altamont)

Visited the brand new Bozen Kill Preserve after work today, located off Westfall Road in the town of Guilderland, just outside of the village of Altamont.  The property, which just opened Wednesday, is owned and managed by the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy and consists of 214 acres.  A gravel parking lot is found on the left side of Westfall Road, just after a bridge crossing.  I parked my car and headed down into a field to look at the informative kiosk.
Skies were very changeable, with bright blue skies one minute, followed by dark clouds and rin the next. Here is a look at the skies over the parking area as I arrived.
A blue trail heads left(south) towards the bridge you just crossed on Westfall Road over the Bozen Kill.  This is a great chance to get a nice look at the creek's clear waters.
Looking east from under the bridge, where blue skies reign over the Bozen Kill.
A small step like cascade crowded by fallen leaves makes for a scenic falls.
Cascade on the Bozen Kill.
A bit further upstream on the blue trail, there are another small set of rock ledge falls.
Incredible erosion along the south banks of the Bozen Kill.
Truly amazing to see the power of water over the course of time.
Looking downstream where the creek bends around the eroded banks.
Looking upstream from the same spot as the previous picture at the rock choked creek.
The blue trail soon leaves the Bozen Kill and heads across an open field to the white trail.  The white trail goes west for about one mile through a mostly hardwood forest through a golden carpet of fallen leaves.
A beautiful canopy of autumn splendor.
Stone walls line the autumn woods.
Arriving at the creek again at the end of the one mile white trail as clouds filled in.
On the return trip on the white trail, a small overlook provides a nice view over the Bozen Kill gorge.
I arrived back at the parking lot just in time as stormy skies rolled in across the fields.
A beautiful new trail just outside of Altamont.  Great job by the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy!

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