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Friday, October 2, 2015

Lye Brook Falls/ Upper Tubs(Vermont)

With a persistent cold and cloudy pattern setting up, I knew it wouldn't be a great day for mountain vistas.  Instead I figured I would check out a couple of waterfalls in Vermont.  Lye Brook Falls is a very well known 125 foot falls in the heart of the Green Mountains near Manchester.  A 2.3 mile trail brings you to the base of the falls, where amazing views can be had.  To find the trail, I took exit 4 off Route 7(Manchester exit), and turned right onto 11/30 for less than a half mile.  A sharp turn to the right onto East Manchester Road is followed by a left onto Glen Road after 1.2 miles.  Once on Glen Road, bear right at a fork(marked for Lye Brook Wilderness) and follow this to the end, where a large parking area is available.
 The trail is marked with blue blazes and is wide and easy to follow.
 A large washout area, provides a nice look down towards Lye Brook.
Entering the Lye Brook  Wilderness.
 The trail crosses a couple of streamlets, which are flowing a bit stronger with the recent rains, but still easily negotiated by rock hopping.
 Frothy waters.
 After about 1.8 miles, the trail comes to a fork.  Bear right here to head to the falls, which are very audible at this point.
A large slide provides a steep look down into Lye Brook Hollow.
 Looking up the huge slide.
 After 2.3 miles and over 750 feet elevation gain, you arrive at Lye Brook Falls.  Here is a zoomed in view at the very to of the falls.
 A small foot path heads steeply up the side of the falls, providing a much better look.
The falls crash down over a series of drops for over 125 feet.
A lower section of the falls that empty into a pool near the trail.
After enjoying the waterfalls, I retraced my steps back 2.3 miles to the car for a total of 4.6 miles RT.  
After grabbing lunch and starting to head home, I remembered reading about an interesting falls on Wash Tub Brook, so thought I would try to find Upper Tubs, located in rural North Pownal near the New York state border.  This a little known falls, usually only known by locals and can be quite hard to find.  From Route 346 in North Pownal, take North Pownal Road for about .2 miles, then bear left onto Skiparee Road and follow this for 1.3 miles to a fork.  Bear right at the fork onto Fowlers Road, where a small unmarked pull off is found about .1 of a mile up the road.
A view of the Taconic Range from Skiparee Road.
From the small pull off, head back down the road about 75 feet to an easily recognizable foot path into the woods.  The foot path widens to an old road, where Wash Tub Brook is only a few yards away.
 The creek quickly drops away steeply from the old road and a long chute leads into a narrow deep gorge.
 Continuing a hundred feet or so further, a small path heads straight down a very steep bank.  There are ropes tied to trees here to help on the way down, and more importantly on the way back up.  Once at the bottom, walk a few feet up the creek to the base of a beautiful falls, which empty into a large pool.  This is a very picturesque spot.
 Rushing water cascading down.
Used the rope to climb back up out of the gorge and then walked the .15 mile back to the car.

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