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Monday, October 5, 2015

Mount Adams(Adirondacks High Peaks Region)

Headed north to hike Mount Adams in the Adirondack high peaks this afternoon.  Mount Adams is a 3520 foot summit with outstanding views of the High Peaks from its recently(2013) restored fire tower.  Access is via Upper Works Road, in a sizable parking lot just past the McIntyre blast furnace.  When I arrived at the trailhead, the skies were blue and the temperature was pleasantly cool.  Perfect fall conditions!
A very short distance into the hike, you will come to a bridge crossing the Hudson River.
It is a swinging iron suspension bridge that allows you to see right down to the river below. 
The view north, upstream of the Hudson River from the bridge.
After crossing the Hudson, the trail travels through mixed woods on its way towards Lake Jimmy.  This used to be the spot, where a floating bridge crossed the lake, but this entire section has been rerouted to go around the lake. 
A view of Mount Adams hovering above the trees, well above Lake Jimmy's shores.
A closer look at Mount Adams summit.  The careful eye may pick out the fire tower.
A new footbridge crosses the outlet of Lake Jimmy.
Looking back at Lake Jimmy from the very north end of the marshy area where the trail crosses.
Golden trail.
This tree was on fire!  Dazzling fall foliage at its best.
Fall colors along the trail.

More peak foliage.
After about .8 of a mile, you will arrive at two abandoned cabins.  The trail turns sharply right here.
Another .2 of a mile past the cabins, the trail for Mount Adams turns sharply to the left, re-entering the woods.  The trail slowly begins to gain elevation from here, before turning sharply steeper.
The trail is very steep for the last 1.5 miles, gaining nearly 1800 feet in this distance.
A steep, wet, rocky section of trail makes for tricky footing.  There isn't much to hold on to so your best bet is to take your time.
A look back over your shoulder provides a glimpse of the views to come.
The Adirondack Mountain Club rates this trail as "difficult", and it is easy to see why.
After 2.5 miles, you arrive at the Fire Tower.  There are no views from the ground, and unfortunately the clouds had rolled in by the time I had arrived.
The views from the fire tower are nothing short of amazing.  The Macintyre Range and Cliff Mountain dominate this photo.

The view to the east, with the valley draped in fall colors.
The fire tower cab provides 360 degree views.  There really isn't a bad view to be had.  Here is a panorama from the northwest to the north.
A view from the southeast to the southwest.  Sanford Lake, Lake Sally, and Lake Jimmy are the bodies of water below.  The North River Mountains are to the left.
From the southwest all the way to the northwest with the Santanoni Range being the most distinct feature in the center.
A view to the north and northeast.  Cliff Mountain to Mount Redfield towards Allen.
A closer look south over the Tahawus Tract and the Sanford Lake, Lake Sally and Lake Jimmy.
Looking directly to the west where the Santanoni Range rises steeply above Henderson Lake.
Mount Marcy can be seen rising between the other high peaks to the north.
A map with all the mountains within view is found inside the cab, which can make identifying all the peaks much easier.
Looking out through the fire tower window.
Lake Jimmy, near the start of the trail, can be seen far below in this zoomed in photo.
The true summit of Mount Adams at an elevation of 3520 feet, at the base of the fire tower.
After enjoying the fire tower views, it was time to descend.  The descent was a bit challenging in spots but I made it without a scratch. 
What a great fall day.  5 miles Round Trip. Passed a few others on their way up, but for the most part the trail was very quiet.  Almost seems to get lost amongst all the other great hikes in the High Peaks.

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