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Friday, September 16, 2016

Alford Springs(Berkshires/ Taconics)

Took Bella out to the Alford Springs, a BNRC(Berkshire Natural Resources Council) property just over the New York state line in Alford, Massachusetts.  Access is at the very end of Mountain Road, which can be accessed off Seekonk Road via Route 71.  The trail begins just beyond a gate and is actually just a continuation of an old town road.
 The trail heads northwest and soon comes to an open area.  Turn right here to stay on the Father Loop trail.  Continuing straight or left will bring you onto private property.
The Father Loop climbs steadily a bit over 300 feet to the property's high point, where a small clearing to the east provides nice views to the Alrord countryside.
Farmland in the Alford valley below..
 Just past the high point, the Father Loop begins to descend and soon arrives at a large area that appears to have been clear cut.  This allows for some nice views to the north and east.
 Passing through the clear cut fields, full of goldenrod and buzzing bees.
 Dropping down with a clear view all the way north to Mount Greylock.
 The wide, easy to follow trail drops down to a small stream crossing and then hooks back south, eventually meeting up with the Mother Loop Trail. 
 We took the Mother Loop Trail, which is on the east side of the property and forms a 2.4 mile loop.  There are a couple of small viewpoints, again to the east of the Alford farmland.
 After completing the Mother Loop Trail, we took the Connector Trail west back to Father Loop Trail. 
Once back on the Father Loop Trail, we headed back south to the car, completing about 6.5 miles RT through the quiet woods.

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