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Friday, September 30, 2016

Goose Pond(Adirondacks)

After doing some exploring earlier in the day my dad and I decided to do one more short hike because it was such a gorgeous day.  Being in the Schroon Lake area and knowing that his feet don't really allow him to do any mountains, we decided to do a hike to Goose Pond in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness.  Parked at the official end of Crane Pond Road at the trail register and hiked the road in.  Passing by and eventually crossing Alder Creek.
After a little less than a mile, we turned right onto the Goose Pond trail, passing by Alder Pond, which is just off the trail.
A nice foot bridge crosses the outlet of Alder Pond.
 The trail passes through a heavily shaded stretch of evergreens for about .6 of a mile before reaching the shores of beautiful Goose Pond.
 Following west along the north shore of the pond are a series of nice campsites, cushioned by soft needles.
 Campsite near the point.
 Looking south across the pond towards Pharaoh Mountain.
 The crystal clear waters of Goose Pond.
 The late afternoon sun retreating in the sky, and giving way to shadows.
We wandered the shoreline a bit and then stopped at an open rock, enjoying a snack and the solitude.  We then turned around, retracing our steps back to the truck.  3 miles RT.

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