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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Branch(Adirondacks)

My dad and I went out and explored a new area of state land, formerly owned by the Ragged Mountain Club, along The Branch in North Hudson.  The Branch is a fast flowing trout stream that flows out of Elk Lake and eventually empties into the Schroon River.  We parked at a new DEC parking area along the west side of Elk Lake Road and followed an old logging road north and west.   
A short distance in, we passed a large clearing with great views south towards the mountains in the Hoffman Wilderness.
 Fall colors are progressing nicely this far north.
 The old road drops down near the sounds of rushing water.  This is the cold mountain water from The Branch.
 We continued north, basically following The Branch, passing through long abandoned gravel pits.  Climbing up to the top of these gravel pits provides spectacular westerly views towards Ragged Mountain and its northern sub peaks.
 Fall colors framing the view, with the old road seen winding below.
 From the top of another gravel pit further along, I enjoyed more of a northwest view beyond the tree tops.
 We walked about a mile and a half before turning back.  The fall foliage and perfect weather conditions were a perfect combination on this day.
 Hiking back, enjoying conversation with my dad on a great fall day.
 Clouds slowly began rolling in as we headed back to the truck.
Hiked about 3 miles RT on this beautiful new area of state land.

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