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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Second Pond(Adirondacks)

With the day off, my dad and I took a ride north to hike into Second Pond in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness.  Access is at the end of the public property along Chatiemac Road, where a DEC sign and small parking area can be found along the shoulder of the road.
 The trail heads generally north and then west, swinging around the lower slopes of Height of Land Mountain.  After 2.7 miles, we arrived at the south shore of the pond.
 Unfortunately the water along the shoreline was high, leaving very little room to walk or relax for lunch.
 My dad was looking for a spot to throw the fishing line in, so we explored the shoreline eastward and then west looking for a better access point.  Here's a look out towards an island in the middle of the half mile long pond, with just a hint of the very beginning of fall color.
 We bushwhacked west about a quarter mile to a large marshy area of the pond before turning around.
 We did manage to find a little spot to fish from, but caught only a few bait fish, so we threw them back in and eventually headed back. 
Near the end of the trail, we followed a small foot path down to a large beaver meadow.  Fresh beaver signs told us they weren't completely done with this area either.
 Just before arriving back at the truck we came to a nice, large beaver pond.  The hot sun was really baking us now, so we only stopped here briefly before heading the last .1 of a mile back to the truck.
Hiked a little over 5.5 miles RT on a warm September day.

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