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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hand Hollow Conservation Area(New Lebanon)

Bella and I visited the Columbia Land Conservancy's Hand Hollow Preserve(not to be confused the recently acquired, contiguous State Forest of the same name) after work today. We parked at the eastern side of the preserve off of County Route 9 on a hot first day of autumn.
There are three picnic tables right next to the parking area that overlook a very handsome pond.
Pond near preserve entrance.
We followed the green trail, which crosses Hollow Brook on a well built foot bridge.
Hollow Brook is mostly dried up after a long, dry summer.
Took the yellow marked side loop, which passed a tree bursting in fall foliage.
Bella lead the way as we came back to the green trail, following it all the way to Meizenger Pond.
A nice, quiet spot along the brook.
Bella was so happy to be out, and enjoyed checking out these stone walls that the trail passed over. 
Walked about 2.5 miles RT on a warm afternoon.


  1. The area conserved here is going to get even bigger...

    1. Yes, I saw that. This area is very close to my house so this is very good news! Thanks for the heads up

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