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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bennett Hill

Took a short trip out to Clarksville in the town of New Scotland today to visit the Bennett Hill Preserve.  It is a pleasant 3 mile RT hike, with several steep sections.  The first .4 mile is relatively flat and runs along a dairy farm with beautiful views of the farmland and Cass Hill in the distance.

The fall colors are really taking hold, especially the maples trees.  The trails are littered with leaves as well.

 There are several sinkholes near the trail entrance and a small spring along the trail that feeds into a tub. Interestingly enough it is called "Bathtub Spring".
 Near a turn in the trail is this cool tree.  It is distinguished by its large base and arm like branches reaching out.  This tree is called "Nancy's Pitch Pine".
 Along the trail there are pretty leaves of many different colors.
Shortly after leaving Nancy;s Pitch Pine you will arrive on Bennett Hill's summit.  It is a surprisingly flat and expansive summit.  There are some views down towards the farmlands and Heldebergs but the best views are down over the village of Clarksville.
 Summit elevation is about 1120 feet.
 Streets through town.
After leaving Bennett Hill, I swung by the Holt Preserve, another Albany County Land Conservancy preserve.  A former farm in the 1950's run by the Holt family, it is located on top of Copeland Hill with many trails zig-zagging through the property.  I did a quick loop onto the blue escarpment trail but due to the foliage still on the trees, views were obstructed.
 There is a small pond along a red trail further up the property.
 I didn't stay long because it was getting late but I would guess that once the leaves fall off the trees there will be great views along the escarpment trail.
Here is a view from the road towards Albany as I exited the preserve.

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