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Monday, October 21, 2013

Peebles Island

With the government shutdown now over(at least temporarily) I wanted to head out to a state park to get some after work walking in.  I found myself at Peebles Island State Park in Cohoes.  Peebles Island is a virtual oasis of nature and history at the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers.  It is actually one of many small islands that exist where these two mighty rivers meet.  The island is 132 acres with plenty of sights to see, including 3 miles of hiking trails.  The main trail is a perimeter trail that runs along the edge of a steep escarpment also featuring old dams, whirlpools, and rapids as well as views across the water to many historically significant industrial buildings.
This is a view across the Hudson River to Lansingburgh and its boat launch.
 Views further south across the Hudson to North Troy.
 Upriver to the Lansingburgh bridge.
 The Hudson River.
 Here is a view from the field area looking across the Forth Branch of the Mohawk River.
 The bridge that connects Peebles Island to Waterford.  There is a pedestrian walkway on the bridge as well.
 The Waterford Harbor Visitor Center.
 Industrial Waterford across the Fourth Branch.
Polrump Island is the first island you see as you walk the perimeter trail.
 A lovely fall scene on an interior connecting trail.
 An interesting study in a trees roots, which due to the bluffs, are fully exposed.
 The water level is extremely low near the dam on the Fourth Branch.
 Buoys are draped across the river to warn paddlers and boats of the upcoming dam.  Notice the steep drop off from the trail down to the water as well.
 Fourth Branch of the Mohawk River.
 Goat Island across the water.
 Views to Cohoes and its industry as well as the Route 32 Bridge.
 Powerful Buttermilk Falls and the towering bluffs of Van Schaick Island.
 There are housing developments and back yards across the falls and on Van Schaick Island.
 A calmer section just downriver from the falls with another development area across the way.
 Near the end of the perimeter walk I came upon a young deer only feet away from me, grazing in the woods.
 He didn't seem to worried about me and continued about his business.  This allowed me a chance to take several great photos!

 He looked up at me several times but never once was spooked.  I quietly slipped away after a couple of minutes, leaving him to graze for food.
Steeped in history, Peebles Island is a must see for anyone visiting the Capital Region.  There are many sights and sounds to see for everyone.

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