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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Schodack Island State Park

Headed down to Schodack Island State Park after work today to get some walking in.  The trails are almost all completely level which allows for keeping a brisk pace.
Level trails and a complex floodplain ecosystem.

The one time island is actually a peninsula, due to dredging of the Hudson River, and is about seven miles long and half a mile wide at its widest.  The Hudson flows to the west of the park and Schodack Creek flows along the east.  Schodack Creek is tidal, and when I was at the park today the water had gone out, leaving low water and a lot of mud.
Schodack Creek from the kayak launch area.
 The creek at the kayak launch again, looking north towards the railroad bridge and the Berkshire Spur bridge.
 Schodack Creek further along south in the park, looking towards Schodack Landing.
The Hudson flows mightily along the western banks of the park with benches for viewing and a boat launch area.
 The Alfred B. Smith Railroad bridge was built in 1923.  The Thruway Berkshire Spur Bridge was not constructed until 1958. They each run over the river and creek, pictured below.
 Coeymans Marina on the western shore.
 Along the trail I spotted a dead Garter Snake.  Not sure how he met his demise.

In the days of Henry Hudson's voyage on the Half Moon, the Mohicans occupied the area and artifacts could be found even until the 20th century.  Unfortunately the park has been completely picked over, leaving barely any traces of the Mohican days.
After about 2 miles of walking, I decided to head back to the car, but felt good to get out and stretch the legs for a bit.

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